Emergency Medical Services

It deals with the Emergency Assistance / First Aid Treatment which is provided to passengers and other stake holders at M.I Room located at Airports.

MI Room at Islamabad International Airport is located at Level 1 of Passenger Terminal Building which comprises of

  • 1. Doctor Room
  • 2. Examination Room
  • 3. Reception

This MI Room is operational on round the clock 24/7 basis where the duty doctors along with nursing paramedics are dealing with any kind of medical emergencies and are providing first aid treatment to passengers and functionaries working at the airport.

Apart from this, seven First Aid Posts have also been established at different locations inside the passenger terminal building to facilitate the first aid activities. These first aid posts consist of patient stretcher trolley, examination screen, wheel chair, an oxygen cylinder and a first aid box.

Likewise, a total of 6 ambulances (BLS & ACLS equipped) are positioned at different areas of the airport including the apron side to shift serious patients to Trauma Center located inside Islamabad International Airport or to the nearest hospitals of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.

In addition, CAA Medical is also carrying out some other routine processes and activities to ensure safe & healthy environment for passengers. Some of these are

  • Periodic physical, chemical and biological analysis of drinking water at airport.
  • Regular visit/inspection of canteens, restaurants & food outlets at the airport.
  • Monitoring/Surveillance of the unhygienic activities at the airport in collaboration with the Airport Health Department.

Trauma Center


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