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After the independence of Pakistan, a part of Chaklala Airbase has been used to provide travelling facilities to provide travelling facilities to the residents of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and surrounding Pottohar region. With the passage of time several structural and design changes were made to the terminal to cope up with the increasing number of the passengers but over the time the number of Domestic and International travellers grown and the small terminal of the airport (later named Benazir Bhutto International Airport) was insufficient to cater the burden of air passengers.

The ground stone of the Islamabad International Airport (ICAO: OPIS) was laid down on 7th April 2007 by ex-prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz and was inaugurated formally on 20th April 2018 for regular international and domestic flights.

The new Islamabad Airport is equipped with state of the art facilities and the available resources / infrastructure is used optimally to help / assist the air travellers with least possible inconvenience.

The new Islamabad International Airport, scheduled to be equipped with state of the art facilities, is being completed on fast track basis and therefore, available resources / infrastructure are being used optimally to help / assist the air travelers with least possible inconvenience.

IIAP is spread over 19 square kilometres with 15 passenger boarding bridges, including facilities to accommodate two double-decker Airbus A380s, the world’s largest airplane, 15 remote bays and 3 remote bays for Air cargo. For the 15 bays, the same number of lounges have been built to avoid mixing of passengers. The airport has two runways, each 3600-meter long.

The airport is hosting the V-VIPs, VIPs, foreign delegates, and business communities on more frequent basis of being capital airport. It has the capacity to handle 9million passengers.

The airport has seven check-in zones, consist of 112 check-in counters in total, five level security systems for baggage check, a food court, movie theatre, children’s play area and car parking for 2,200 vehicles. Besides the public car parking, a separate car parking has been built for the airport staff.

Five conveyor belts for international arrivals and three for domestic arrivals have been made to facilitate passengers.




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