Security Checks at Entrance

Getting to the IIAP by taxi from twin cities, approach to Gate – I for instant and rapid entrance into airport premises, subject to body and baggage search.

While entering into Airport premises, body and under vehicle search, will be made by ASF security personnel deployed at each entry point.

Departing passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 01 to 02 hours (for Domestic Flights) and 04 hours (for International Flights) prior to the scheduled time of departure of the flight.


While entering to the Airport, through Pedestrian Gate or Main Gate with your car, either of the following valid documents will be required:

  1. CNIC
  2. Valid Airline Ticket or
  3. Passport
Airline Ticket


(Pedestrian Gate)

  1. Make a queuing line while entering through pedestrian gate, where first come first served will be applied. Please give way to special/senior citizen/needy persons and female passengers.
  2. Take off your hat and sunglasses. Refrain from using your mobile phone while waiting. Due to space constraints in the Terminal building only one meter/greeter will be allowed to receive / see-off a passenger through the pedestrian gate.
  3. Show your passport or CNIC or valid airline ticket, if demanded to prove your identification.
  4. After going through entry procedures at pedestrian gate, you may proceed to respective area of departure or arrival as required.

(Airport Entry Fee)

  1. Passenger having valid Airline Ticket.
  2. Special/senior citizen/
  3. Airport Functionaries having Passes.
  4. Person visiting Airport for Official Purpose.
  5. Drivers and Vehicles intending to drop the passenger at Drop Lane.
  6. Diplomats, Consulate, UN Mission Deputy Head/ Their spouse and Local Ambassadors.
  7. Parliamentarians, their spouse, children and Parents.
  8. Members of Senate.
  9. Senior Officers of Armed Forces.
  10. High Judiciary.
  11. Federal Secretaries, Addtl: Secretaries and Senior Officials

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