Car Parking

You’re more than welcome to bring the car. We have plenty of spaces, short and long-term, senior citizens / special person parking at BBIAP Airport. There are clear signs for parking as you approach the airport.

You can enter into the Airport along with your car through following Entry Gates as shown in the attached drawings. While entering under vehicle search will be carried out by ASF security personal deployed at each entry point.

  1. Rawal Lounge
  2. Drop Lane
  3. Parking Area
  4. Fast Track
Parking Image-1
Parking Image-2 Parking Image-3

BBIAP has the car parking facility of more than 650 cars in the car parking area for arriving and departing passengers. Passengers are requested to park their cars in short term or long term parking area as they deem necessary. (The parking of vehicle in the Airport parking area will be at the owner’s risk).

Short Term Car Parking Long Term Car Parking Parking for Senior Citizens / Special Person
Short Term parking is recommended for up to (03) three hours. Vehicle parking for 4 to 8 hours will be considered as long term parking. Passengers can also park their cars upto 24 hours in the long term car parking area after security clearance. Parking is also reserved for senior citizens / special person.
Hours Motor Cycle/Scooter Private Cars/Jeeps Wagon/Pickups Commercial/Tourism Van /Wagons
Upto 3 Rs. 10 Rs. 70 Rs. 70 -
3 to 8 Rs. 10 Rs. 140 Rs. 140 -
24 Rs. 10 Rs. 390 Rs. 390 -
30 days N/A N/A N/A Rs. 3300

Car Parking (Functionary)

CAA functionary car park for more than 300 vehicles and 800 motorcycles is also available, which is shown in the drawings located on the Nur Khan Airbase road. All the departments i.e. CAA, ASF, PIA, immigration, Pakistan Customs, ANF, Airport Health and other International Airlines staff working at the BBIAP Airport can park their car in the functionary car parking. This facility is subject to issuance of the sticker from CAA on prescribed payment.